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Welcome to our "FAQ" page.  We are continually building this page based upon the questions you send us, in order to make sure that we are truly answering your questions. 


General Questions 

What is the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network?

It is a student policy organization, operating on 85 campuses across the country, which promotes students policy ideas.  Our goal is to have our progressive policy ideas impact communities and citizens and contribute to more fulfilling livelihoods. 

How did it form?

The organization began in 2004 at Stanford and Yale, followed soon after by Middlebury and Bates.  The students that founded the organization believed that college campuses were effectively think tanks already, just not efficient ones.  The Roosevelt Institute Campus network is founded on the firm belief that students have more to offer the political process than money, and manpower.  We have ideas, ones that are creative, new and sorely needed. (History)


What do I need to start a chapter and become officially recognized?

You need to have a page on the website, write up a constitution, sign a chapter contract (memorandum of understanding) and be officially recognized on your campus.  Please contact Winston Lofton for more details.

Can I get involved if I don't want to start a chapter?

Yes - you should join a policy center and work individually with the policy senior fellow in the area of your interest.

Who do I contact when I have questions?

You should contact your regional coordinator (See here

Policy Writing

How do I participate in a policy center?

Any Roosevelter can participate in a policy center simply by engaging in the exciting events and activities of the center, as well as demonstrating a desire to pursue a policy idea within the realm of that center and eventually submitting their paper for publication.

The centers, by design, exist in order to provide opportunities and resources to interested members. If you're interested in joining a policy center, visit their webpage and e-mail the lead strategist!

What is the process of starting a journal on campus?

Connect with your regional policy coordinator and new chapters coordinator here.

What is the 10 ideas publication series?

The 10 Ideas series represent the top policy work - in a 2 page brief format - from our students around the country in our six national policy center issue areas: Economic Development, Equal Justice, Education, Energy & Environment, Defense and Diplomacy and Health Care.

I want to write a policy piece, how do I get started?

You should check out our policy writing resources on the Get Published page in the resource section, and contact the lead strategist for the issue area.

Question not answered? 

Please email us to ask a question if it is not already answered here.  Thank you!