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In the news

Roosevelt students are consistently noticed by national, local, and university media for their ability to engage with the most pressing policy issues of the day.

The Campus Network 

"Rights, Justice and Democracy," Global Voice Hall 

"Undergrad Journal Tackles Policy Issues," The Hoya (6/2/13)

"Stepped Up State Promotion Funds Critical to Lobster Industry's Success," Portland Press Herald (5/30/13) 

"The Conversation," The Atlantic (5/22/13)

"UGA Honors student Smitha Ganeshan named 2013 Truman Scholar," UGA Today (4/10/13)

"Win An Emmy," Fox Business (4/5/13)

"Major conference will focus on purpose of government," The Daily Beacon (4/4/13)

"Millennial generation must play active role on HHS federal advisory committees," The Hill (03/21/13) 

"Don't write off millennials just yet," Salon (3/15/13)

"Government as a Force of Good," The New York Times (3/6/13)

"Tiny Foundation, Big IdeaL Foster Civic Engagement  with Focus on Community College Students," Nonprofit Quarterly (2/28/13)

"TEDxNYU initiates Campus Takeover," Washington Square News (2/27/13)

"Roosevelt Institute Campus Network Offers Summer Opportunities for Student Organizers," The Nation (2/20/13) 

"Groups Propose a 'New Deal for Students' to Tackle Debt and Other Issues," The Chronicle of Higher Education (2/14/13) 

"A Millennial Vision for a Millennial America," The Nation (2/7/13)

'Hope for Tomorrow," Global Voice Hall

"‘Roo’ discusses vision for 2040," The Review (11/19/12)

 "Georgetown’s Roosevelt Institute Revitalized," The Hoya (10/26/12)

"All Will Benefit If More Are Secure," The New York Times (10/19/12)  

"Ethnic polling specialist Matt Barreto discusses Latino vote," The Tufts Daily (10/12/12)

"CCNY Garners Roosevelt Institute Best New Chapter Award," CUNY Newswire (8/23/12)

"Wheaton College gears up for new school year," Taunton Daily Gazette (4/21/12) 

"It's Time for a Presidential Youth Council," Huffington Post (4/19/12) 

"Wheatalk allows idea sharing at Wheaton College," Taunton Daily Gazette (4/6/12)

" Meet the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network Senior Fellows," The Nation (1/26/12)

" 10 Ideas to Change the World," The Nation (10/28/11)

" Whose Future? Our Future," The Nation (11/10/10)

"At Think Tank Launch, Swett stresses student activism"- Tufts Daily (02/11/10)

"New Vinson Fellows Recruited From The Roosevelt Institution" - Carl Vinson Institute of Government (The University of Georgia) (02/5/10)

"Think Tank earns its policy chops"- Daily Bruin (01/15/10)

"Millennials Making a Difference in Detroit," TIME Magazine (11/16/09)

"Roosevelt Institute Brings Student Think Tank to Campus" - The Davidsonian Online (9/17/09)

"Building the Future," The Nation (7/18/09)


Politics & Activism

"The future of the planet rest on the hunched shoulders of Gen Y," Salon (3/2/13)

"Improving Millennials' Civic Health -- and the Country's," Huffington Post (2/8/13)

"The nuclear option" for filibuster reform is no option at all," Salon (1/8/13)

"Filling a Gap: Why Public Policy, and Why Students?," The Wanderer (9/25/12)

"Have super PAC's ruined the election?," Salon (8/28/12) 

"Falling Behind (And The Millenials' Moment)," Progressive Blue (6/12/11)

"Northwestern's Roosevelt Institute Chapter Drafts Policies for Evanston and Chicago" The Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University (10/22/2010)

"Professor Describes Millennial Generation's Politics as Optimistic, Apathetic" The Eagle, American University (10/13/2010)

"Jones '11 Pursues Ambitious Agenda" - The Yale Daily News (02/26/10)

"Labeling Crucial To Passing Policy, State Senator Says" - Tufts Daily (02/25/10)

"Strategist Emphasizes Importance of Social Media for Organizations"- The Eagle (02/24/10)

"Comment on the State of the Union"- Blargus (02/03/10)

"A New Activism" - CU Columbia Spectator (11/23/09) 

"Panel Featuring Kal Penn at University of Iowa" - Iowa City Press-Citizen, University of Iowa (4/17/09) 

"As Obama Begins Legacy, Policies Should Involve Youth Voters" - The Red and Black, University of Georgia (1/20/09)

"Learning the ABCs of Policy"- Future Majority (12/01/08)

"The Paper Chase," The American Prospect (11/19/08)

Vice- Presidential Debate: Live Reaction Blogging - Debatable Magazine (10/02/08)


Economic Policy

"Shut Up. Raise the Debt Ceiling," The Nation (7/26/11)

"Let's decide the budget ourselves," Salon (3/27/13)

"The real way to fix the deficit: Stop coddling the rich," Salon (1/2/13) 

"Why the Romney-Ryan budget falls flat." Salon (10/15/12)

"Misleading advertising on the rise," Salon (8/22/12) 

"What If Gen Y Wrote the Federal Budget," BNET (7/19/11)

"What Would a Millennial-Generation Budget Look Like?," Freakonomics (7/12/11)

"Federal budget mess: Six ways to fix it," Christian Science Monitor (7/6/11)

"Debt Busters: Students Create Budget for a Millennial America," MTVAct (6/17/11)

"For Recession-Scarred Youth, a Voice in the Budget Debate," National Journal (6/7/11)

"Millennials Solve Federal Budget Puzzle," MoneyWatch (5/31/11)

"Can a Budget Based on Values Work?," Fox Business Channel's Stossel Show (5/27/11)

"If Millennials Ruled ... the Budget," SparkAction (5/25/11)

"How We Would Cut the Debt,The Washington Post (5/22/11) [free version available here]

"When the Market Isn’t Enough" - Consider Magazine (11/11/2010)

" Aaron Goldstein Testifies in front of the Deficit Commission - (09/03/10)

"Standing Strong for Jobs," The Nation (08/07/09)

" Sign up, Speak Up: 80 Million Strong for Quality Jobs" - Future Majority, (4/10/09)


Health care

"Romney-Ryan Medicare: No love for students, seniors," Salon (9/22/12)

"Healthcare, Education Victory In Reach" - Campus Progress (03/21/10)

"Roosevelt Institute Holds Health Care Discussion" - Wheaton Wire (11/4/09)

"Why students should care about healthcare" - Student Life, WashU in St. Louis (10/26/09)

Lucas Puente and Antonio E. Puente: "Health Care Crisis Plays Out in Wilmington," Star News (08/02/09)

Rob Nelb: "Pointless Paperwork is a Healthcare Hurdle" - Hartford Courant (4/15/09)

"Despite Obstacles in the Senate, Public Health Insurance will Happen this Year"- Future Majority (4/09/09)

"Student Think Tank to Host Health Forum" - The Red and Black, University of Georgia (2/4/09)

The New York TImes - "Rob Nelb "Obama's Health Plan, Dissected" (07/25/08)


Equal justice

"America's most disenfranchised population?," Salon (10/24/12)

"Burning Issue: California Confronts Pot Measure," NBC Nightly News (10/30/2010) 

Broad to host Prop. 19 debate: "Criminal attorney to go against USC professor in discussion over whether to legalize marijuana" Daily Bruin, University of California, Los Angeles UCLA (10/12/2010)

"Prop. 19 Debate: USC Professor will debate Prop. 19 Debate tonight," Annenberg TV News (ATVN), University of Southern California USC (10/12/10)

"Students, Union Rally for Raises" - The Daily Targum, Rutgers University (9/27/10)

"Family, Friends of Tiana Notice Rally In Her Honor" - The Hartford Informer (02/18/10)

"Murder victim's dad urges GPS tracking bill" - The Bristol Press (02/14/10)

 "Groups push to up wages for NU food service, janitorial employees" - Daily Northwestern (11/24/09)

 "Hundreds of young people speak out on violence" - Catalyst Chicago (11/16/09)

"Illinois Youth Town Hall focuses on reducing violence" - Daily Northwestern (11/16/09)

"NU student think tank takes on voting issues" - Daily Northwestern (10/27/09)

"Mike Ross defends 'No More than Four' at BU Roosevelt event" - Daily Free Press (10/20/09)

 "State should do more to help community banks" - Yale Daily News (09/18/09)

Nate Lyman: "New Options Needed for War on Drugs" - The State News (04/18/09)

"YWCA to Reveal Women's Priorities for Obama Administration" - Women's Rights (11/23/08)



"Student Advocates Back #DontDoubleMyRate Campaign, But Don't Support Obama's Proposal," Huffington Post (6/7/13)

"President Barack Obama's new federal student loan repayment system to affect students next year," The Daily Tar Heel (11/7/12) 

"US lags in graduation rates," The Daily Tar Heel (10/9/12)

"When public schools answer to markets," Salon (7/29/12) 

"Students Press Elected Officials for More Employment Opportunities at Youth Town Hall" - Chicago Talks, Northwestern University (11/18/2009)

 "Roosevelt Students Discuss Local School Policies"- The Red and Black, University of Georgia (4/20/09)

 "80 Million Strong!"Huffington Post, (3/18/09)

 "Student prosals for Socio-Economic Diversity"The Chronicle of Higher Education, (7/27/07)


energy & environment

"How Green Are Millennials," New Geography (2/5/13)

"6 practical solutions for climate change," Salon (11/13/12)

"Big Idea: A Green Energy Offensive From the Department of Defense,"  Good (5/7/12)

 "DCD and DCR Face Off: Debate Focuses on Governor's Race and Prop. 23The California Aggie, UC Davis (11/1/2010)

 "Climate as a trigger for conflict"- Columbia Spectator (02/02/10) 

 "Fund Proposed to Increase Campus Sustainability"- Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University (4/17/09)

 "Students Start "Green" Public Policy Journal"- The State News, Michigan State University (4/5/09) 


defense & diplomacy

"We Still Aren't Anywhere Close To Meeting The Needs Of Female Veterans," Business Insider (3/29/12)

"Flurry of studies find new uses for unmanned aerial drones," Washington Square News (3/12/13) 

"Military expert talks budget cuts," The Daily Tar Heel (10/1/12)

"Group Debates Nuclear Issues"- Red and Black (02/23/10) 

 "Army Major General to give Talk on Iraq and Afghanistan"- Red and Black (UGA) (12/01/09) 

 "General looks ahead at effort in Afghanistan"- OnlineAthens (12/01/09) 

"Former Military Prosecutor Speaks About Torture Techniques"- The Red and Black, University of Georgia (3/26/09)