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Announcing: 10 Ideas Series

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network is proud to announce the release of the 2013 10 Ideas Series, our premier annual publication featuring over sixty pieces by our members from across the country. These student-generated ideas exemplify how young people are designing new ways to tackle enduring problems – from reimagining the basic foundations of our systems to applying rigorous analysis to the every day experiences of local communities.
We hope you will take a minute, or an hour, or even a day to delve into the ideas represented here. They have the potential to reshape dialogues by introducing new ideas and refocus our policy process on collaborative problems solving. Most importantly, they are a demonstration that with ingenuity and hard work, commitment and vision, every citizen is capable of strengthening our democracy and improving our communities. 
For more background on the 10 Ideas Series, check out our infographic.

Request a copy of the 2013 edition of 10 Ideas.

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Health Care

Defense & Diplomacy

Equal Justice 

Energy & Environment 


Economic Development 


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Featured on SparkAction's youthspark update. (4/4/13)

Hendrix College & Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies write about the 10 Ideas Series & the student authors from their schools. (4/1/13)

10 Ideas for Healthcare author Rahul Rekhi writes about his policy idea on youth representation on Federal Healthcare Advisory Boards for The Hill. (3/21/13)



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