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The Benefits Of Having An Android Tablet PC

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23rd 2012 Android operating system is the hottest in the market which was mainly designed for portable devices like the tablets and cell phones. The android operating system is unique in its group of operating systems. Android was acquired by Google in the year 2005 and in year 2007 the company publicized that they were coming into the mobile phone industry with their android based operating system. All the problems of bad battery life, writing software, memory, Wi-Fi internet accessibility etc can be resolved with the launch of android tablet pc.

Handy devices like the tablet PC are in real demand and well liked by professionals as well as students. The reason behind it is its compact nature, great functionality and ease. Students prefer to buy the wireless android tablet PC which is smaller than the notebook and larger than smart phones in size. Numerous types of tablets are there in the market like the amalgam, slate, square etc, but the android tablet pc is much more in demand. With the android tablet personal computer one can explore the whole internet world. Android tablet pc is a great multi tasking device, as you can use this device as an option for the ipad to listen to music or play games. Some of the features that make the android tablet pc so popular amongst many users are as follows: It has a RAM capacity of 512 with a 4GB hard disk drive. It has an expandable memory of up to 32 GB with the help of a micro SD Card. It also comes with a Flash 10.1 and an 8 inches long touch display screen. It has two in built hi-fi speakers and also an earpiece jack, apart from having additional external USB portability.

The great thing about the Android tablet pc is, you can access the internet, send and read mails instantly, watch movies and photos, very easily just as you can do with your normal personal computer, but here there is a big difference which is you can carry your android tablet pc anywhere with you and use its functions. It’s in built WI-FI feature enables you to access the internet at a fast pace. Android tablet pc is compatible to play many formats of songs like wav, mpg, mp3, wma. The typing on a android tablet pc becomes a little tough as it is touch based but there is a solution for this problem. You can use an external keyboard or mouse for typing more easily on this personal computer. Always prefer to buy android tablet pc through a genuine dealer or search online to order it from the online store.

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