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Chapter of the Month: UGA

Monday, January 11, 2010


Established in 2005, UGA now boasts thirty members. Last semester, the chapter held three separate NIFs, or National Issue Forums on global warming and national security, underage drinking at UGA and policy options, and housing in Athens-Clarke county. 

UGA also hosted multiple speakers, including a roundtable discussion with Chinese defense company Norinco, General Paul Eaton of the National Security Network, Dr. Antonio Puente on Health Care reform, and Dr. Larry Nackerud on immigration reform. 

Some of their projects in the works includes a partnership with Global Zero on exploring nuclear disarmament and the Thomas Lay Foundation. 

Further, UGA has pioneered Roosevelt social events, from parties to kickball games. 

Congrats UGA!  From Aaron Sayama, Executive Director: 

Roosevelt @ UGA aims to provide members with an avenue for research, composition, and advocacy of public policy with the overall goal of disseminating the product to both lawmakers and policymakers and more importantly enhancing student's academic and personal experiences. As Executive Director of Roosevelt @ UGA, I have had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented and diverse board in order to meet these goals. My tenure as ED has been made all the more enjoyable because of my fellow board members and the caliber of students I encounter everyday at UGA. I look forward to working with them again this semester as we strive for excellence and look to the future of our organization! 


Board Members:

Lucas Puente- Chairman of the Board

Aaron Sayama- Executive Director

Rocky Cole- Policy Director

Kelsey Jones- Roosevelt Scholars TA

Patrick Dever- Roosevelt Scholars TA

John Dixon- International Issues Director

Tracy Yang- Domestic Issues Director

Bobby Rosenbleeth- Local Issues Director

Ellyn Echols- Co-Events Coordinator

Jill Turner- Co-Events Coordinator

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