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RooRxn: 2012 Election Day

Monday, November 5, 2012

Today is Election Day. Millions of Americans will cast their rightful votes supporting local and state amendments, electing local and state assemblies, school boards, and determining who will be the next President of the United States.

We watched how you reacted to the presidential and vice presidential debates. The issues Millennials care about are on the table---and you are finding ways to solve these challenges: from standing up for the millions of Americans who can't vote,  to college accessibility and the DREAM Act, and to US-China relations. It's important for us to identify solutions to tackling these problems head on and to fix the system. Well this time, folks are paying attention.

If you are watching the results come in on Election Day, we want to hear what your thoughts and reactions are as information streams in state-by-state, community-by community. What does this mean for our communities and for the United States moving forward? 

Read a letter to the Network from Taylor Jo Isenberg, National Director of the Campus Network about this year's election.

Go to live reactions from the 2012 Election.


1)   Follow the Twitter hashtag #RooRxn during Election Day. Create a Twitter account if you don’t have one already and encourage your friends to do the same.
2)   Live-tweeting: Spark discussion and share your reactions over #RooRxn.

3)   Host a viewing party. Share your pictures with us over Facebook and Twitter and / or email them to
4)   Blogging. The Next New Deal is rounding up short reactions to Election Day for Wednesday from across the Roosevelt Institute and would love to have students contribute! Please send us a paragraph or two (no more than 500 words) with your thoughts and analysis as early as you can by Wednesday 10am EST (or after the results come in Tuesday evening). Think about answering what does this election mean for the direction of your community, your state, or the United States. They'll include it in a post with everyone's reactions. Send the work to

Also -- folks will be live-blogging on PolicyMic!
5)   Share this information with your friends!


MEMBERS who LIVE-BLOGGed during election DAY

Roosevelt students and staff will be live-blogging on PolicyMic. Engage in the conversations. Check out their blogs here:
Laurie Roberts, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Robin Ye, University of Chicago
Adam Jutha, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rajiv Narayan, UC-Davis alumni
Joelle Gamble, Deputy National Field Director
Tarsi Dunlop, former Director of Operations
Caitlin Howarth, former Policy Director and current Deputy Director of the Roosevelt Institute Telecommunications Project
Dante Barry, Chapter Services Coordinator & Summer Academy Fellowship Coordinator   Pennsylvania featured live-blog; New Jersey live-blog
Members reaction to Election Day results from Next New Deal.


#GBAF (denotes Government By and For Millennial America)