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Solutions for the South

Sunday, August 8, 2010

solutions for the south: Call for Submissions


Extended Deadlines

Abstracts: November 17th, 2010
Final Deadline:  November 28th, 2010

articles should be submitted in the templates found here

Solutions for the South, a publication of the Southern Region of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, is accepting article submissions for its second volume.  The journal promotes state, local, or national policies that address problems that are prevalent in the South, as well as national issues for which an alternative policy approach would be more appropriate for the South.

The American South, defined here as the region outlined by and inclusive of Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas-Tennessee-Kentucky-Virginia, presents unique and challenging issues to policymakers. The goal of this journal is to encourage student minds across the country to apply themselves to finding policy solutions for this region.

Potential themes will vary widely—from race relations to public health, from primary education to violent crime.  Topic suggestions include environmental policy in hurricane-prone areas, immigration reform for border-states, and the impact of globalization on jobs.  

Articles are selected for originality, relevance, readability, and potential for impact. The strongest submissions offer clearly written, pragmatic solutions based on experience and evidence, not ideology and doctrine. The journal will also give special consideration to articles, which are the result of collaboration with a community organization.  For guidance on working with community organizations, please contact the Lead Policy Strategist for your topic.

Online and Print Edition

Submitted Articles will first be considered for the Online Edition of Solutions for the South.  The best articles chosen for the Online Edition that could have additional impact as printed articles will be included in the Print Edition.  A careful consideration of stakeholders' interests and developing collaborations with community groups or organizations is strongly recommended for those authors interested in the Print Edition.

Full-Length Articles (2,000-5,000 words)

Full-length articles should be proposals or analysis pieces.  While the primary mission of Solutions for the South is to present new policy proposals, the journal also publishes research that analyzes existing policies and historical political trends. Each full-length article must include a bullet-point summary of 250-400 words.

10ideas Style Policy Memos (600-700 words)

Memos should present new policy proposals and be in the 10ideas format.  Please see the 10 Ideas Writing Guide for information on Policy Memo content.


A template is provided by the Solutions for the South Editorial Board for both Policy Memos and Full-Length Articles.  These can be found on the journal’s website,

Submission Development 

A new initiative of Solutions for the South is a Submission Development Guide.  A suggested timeline for research and article writing is included. The google form, which hosts this guide, serves to connect prospective authors with similar interests across universities through regional coordinators and to help connect authors with other national network resources, including the Lead Policy Strategists.  We hope that this guide facilitates quality article development.

An introductory guide is provided here.


Early Deadline: October 16th, 2010
Final Deadline:  November 14th, 2010

Journal Launch:  Spring Southern Regional Conference

If you have any questions or are ready to submit your work, please contact the editorial board at  We look forward to hearing from you!