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Welcome to the Roosevelt Institute at Northwestern!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello and welcome to our brand new, fancy blog! One of the benefits of the Roosevelt Institute’s webpage getting a facelift is that all chapters now have our own, really nice pages, which can essentially work like a central hub for us. So now all events, news and information pertaining to our chapter can be found right here! The new website is fitting for our chapter this year, as we look to build off our huge successes last year and continue to expand and develop. For those of you who weren’t around last year, as well as those who were in the chapter but weren’t able to keep track (can’t really blame you, last year was a banner year for us and a lot of things happened), allow me to recount our accomplishments from last year: -Nominated for Best New Chapter by the National Organization -Won Senior Class Gift for the Northwestern Sustainability Fund ($10,000 Grant) -Naomi Harris, and Alex Wall had their policy idea "Revolving Loan Funds for Campus Sustainability Projects"published in the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network's national journal "10 Ideas for Energy and the Environment, 2009!) -Matthew Fischler had his policy idea "Eliminating Collateral Consequences" published in the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network's national journal "10 ideas for Equal Justice" We’re really hoping to build off these successes as well as others from last year to continue to expand our chapter and make a larger imprint. If you’re interested in getting involved, or even just curious, here’s a little more info about our exec members as well as our policy centers: Co-chair Michael Alperin: Michael Alperin current Co-Director of the Roosevelt Institution, and is a Junior at Northwestern Majoring in Social Policy and Psychology with a minor in Political Science. Beyond loving the Red Sox, his political and policy ambitions include educational policy, health policy and environmental policy. As Co-Director of the Roosevelt institution, Michael helps to facilitate within the Northwestern Chapter and within the Roosevelt Institution needs. Energy and Environment Policy Center: My name is Alix Hallen and I am co-director of the Center for Energy and the Environment. I am a junior majoring in Political Science and History, and am extremely excited for this upcoming year with the Roosevelt Institute. My name is Andrew Hobaugh and I am co-director of the Center for Energy and the Environment. I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science and Political Science. I believe that this year is going to be full of great opportunities for our center and I cannot wait to get started. This year, we want to focus on environmental policies that can be implemented on a local, state, and federal level. For fall quarter, we are really excited about two main policy themes, Greening Public Schools and Greening Public Transportation. We cannot wait to get started writing great policies and blog entries! Urban Issues Policy Center: Our center aims to study the causes, effects, and potential ways to alleviate economic inequality and issues related to those living in poverty. We are especially committed to dealing with such issues as they affect Evanston and Chicago. Urban Issues Co-Director Daniel Hessel: Daniel is a Weinberg Senior majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies. He love politics, the Yankees, and all things Argentine. He thinks he is funnier than he actually is and has been told that he apologizes too much. As for me, I’m Vijay Singh, marketing director for this year. I’m an economics and psychology major. In my free time, I enjoy long walks on the beach, poetry, and stereotyping. Jokes, of course. I hope at this point that we’ve at least grabbed your attention. If you interested in learning more about the club or the amazing people in it (keep in mind, there are still some you haven’t heard about! EXCITING), feel free to come to one of our events: September 24, 7 pm Info Session, Big Ten Room September 29, 8 pm Info Session, Big Ten Room Oct 1, 7 to 9 pm Policy 101 and 201 Training The info sessions aren’t mandatory, but are highly recommended so that you can have an idea about the club as well as how you would like to get involved. The policy 101 training is required for all new members and will take place from 7 to 8 pm. The policy 201 training is required for all returning members and is from 8 to 9 pm. Thanks for sitting through all this info! We really hope that you’ll join us for what we expect to be an amazing year! With big love, You’re Roosevelt 09-10 Exec Board P.S. Become a fan of us on Facebook! P.P.S. Read our blogs!