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Why Can't Young Undocumented Americans Stay?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Earlier this week I was on Facebook and one of my peers from school posted, what I found to be offensive, comments over President Obama's executive order to postpone the deportation of undocumented youth in the United States. To sum up what he said, he felt that undocumented youth should not receive legal status because they are going to take our jobs and use up our welfare. And, he felt that this was going to screw over young hardworking Americans. I will underscore that the person who said this is caucasian, wealthy, and holds conservative views. I respect his position, but I do not agree with him.

I have not been a fan of Obama's policies in the past, such as his fiscal plans, but I stand behind him on his move to delay the deportation of young undocumented Americas. What my peer, ignorantly forgot, was that Obama was not granting amnesty to undocumented youth. He merely, delayed their deportation by two years. In the mean time, undocumented youth can apply for a temporary work permit and remain in the states. My purpose in writing all this is to highlight that I firmly believe that undocumented, who do not pose a security threat or any kind of threat frankly, should be granted legal status. I know I am being a bit radical here, but I would push Obama's order to full legal status. I personally know young undocumented Americans and they just want a piece of the American dream and an education. I do not have the numbers on me now, but how much more will it cost to let these hardworking and self-sacrificing people stay in our country? We are already not using our funds for the right initiatives, so why not channel our money into better social welfare? Oh I know, because corporate bailouts and national defense is more important. Well lets bailout these young Americans who have so much to offer. In this population, we have future doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers, but we continue to deny them this opportunity. I should not even say "our" country because we are all here illegally. We are not paying the Native Americans rent for using their land. I'll wrap this up by saying that America is the land of opportunity and that opportunity should not be kept for the privileged in this country. And that's my story.