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Young Invincibles

Monday, April 4, 2011

We're excited to announce a collaborated project between the Roosevelt Health Center and Young Invincibles. For the past month, a group headed by one of our Senior Fellows, Rahul Rekhi, and the Executive Director of Young Invincibles, Aaron Smith, worked on fine-tuning a "toolkit" to help graduating college seniors understand the ins and outs of healthcare post-graduation.

If you're a graduating senior, we know you'll find the toolkit helpful. And we hope that you decide to pass this along to your friends, school administration, and local agencies such that others get access to the facts. Without further ado, the toolkit:


Know anyone who's worried about finding health insurance?  Getting covered can be tricky to figure out, particularly when you are out of school.  We wanted to share a free new Graduation Toolkit that can help.   We are working with Young Invincibles in a national health care education campaign to make sure young people have info on how the new health care law works, and to help them get insurance and care.

Download the Toolkit for your state here. 

 The Toolkit includes information such as:
- How to stay on or go back on your parent's plan up to age 26
- What to look for when buying individual insurance including key insurance terms
- What you should know if you have a pre-existing or chronic condition
- What government insurance programs, such as Medicaid, might be available in your state
- Where to find a community health center near you
- What you need to know about the new health care law
- What to look for if you are a young woman

- Facts on Young Adults and Cancer

We know that especially in this economy, finding a job with benefits can be tough.  But it's critical to get health insurance so that you and your family are protected.  Also, make sure to forward this email to family and friends that might need it.

 Here's where they can download the Toolkit for their state.

Thanks again and let's keep working to make sure everyone can get covered and get care.

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