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Roosevelt Relief

In the winter semester of 2007, the Roosevelt Institute took on its inaugural project: Roosevelt Relief: Hurricane Katrina.  In addition to working hard on individual projects, all the policy centers joined in an effort to produce policy that seeks to provide aid and innovative solutions to a community in need. Hurricane Katrina struck the U.S. coast in August of 2005, bringing the sixth-strongest Atlantic storm ever to American soil and causing $81.2 billion dollars in damage. Over a year later, local, state and national leaders were calling for new legislation to attack unanswered problems in the region. Therefore, we wanted to produce civil liberties, economic, healthcare, environmental, education, and international policy that will address and hopefully solve the issues faced by post-Katrina communities.

Through the following months, we held events on campus to help educate and involve our student body, including a panel discussion with policymakers and a screening of the film "When the Levees Broke."  In addition, we worked to collect donations and raise money. The project culminated with a book of policy (attached below) and a trip to New Orleans to perform community service and advocate for these policies, a few of which were implemented, giving us an opportunity to make a positive and effective change through policy.

Roosevelt Relief Policy Publication.pdf891.99 KB