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Blueprint for the Millennial America

Blueprint for Millennial America

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12/1/2010, Just Released: Our Phase I results from Think2040 are here! Read the Blueprint for Millennial America!  Does the text look blurry? Try going to full screen, or downloading a free PDF copy from Scribd. 


Millennials nationwide have the potential to dramatically reshape the conversation about America's future. In 2010, the Roosevelt Campus Network will leverage the visionary talent of its Network to launch Think 2040--a program that will empower the Millennial generation to reframe the challenges and opportunities facing America and its communities to build toward a progressive future. Using Think 2040 participant contributions, the Roosevelt Campus Network will create a Blueprint for the Millennial America that identifies the policy structures and reforms necessary to realize the Millennial vision for America in 2040.  

It's your values and ideas that will define the outcomes and policy priorities reflected in final Blueprint. Make sure that you're heard. Contribute to the conversation today

1. Enter your one-sentence vision for 2040 here.

2. Rank the values the best define the America that you want to inherit.

3. Get background on the current situation in America by checking out the Think 2040 curriculum.

4. Tell us your policy priorities here. 

5. List the greatest challenges we face to achieving our vision for the future.

6. Take action to turn the Millennial vision for the future into 2040 reality.

Have more to say? Want to make policy recommendations that outline the steps we, as Millennials, should take to realize our vision for the future? Post your ideas here (remember to select "Think 2040" in the audience box to contribute your idea to the project) 


Finally, let us know who you are and how you're doing.