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Budget for Millennial America


The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network’s Budget for a Millennial America is a rigorous plan that makes the essential investments in education, health care, infrastructure and green energy needed to ensure a robust 21st century economy, while reducing the federal debt to a sustainable level.  The plan reflects the views of a cross-section of some three thousand Millennials. It was created democratically through the Campus Network’s unique model of student engagement with members and nonmembers alike. The budget addresses the root causes, not just the symptoms, of the federal debt by ending Too Big to Fail and addressing rising health care costs. Its strengthens the social safety net by making it more responsive to crisis and recession through automatic stimulus and stronger worker retraining programs. The Budget for Millennial America is the only citizen-produced deficit reduction plan – by young, old or middle-aged –being given serious consideration in the public debate.

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Click here for an overview of the Millennial Budget.

Millennial Budget FINAL

Download the pdf here



Campus Network Director Hilary Doe defends the Budget for Millenial America on Fox Business' Stossel 


Zach Kolodin takes on Too Big to Fail


David Wessel interviews Zach Kolodin along with representatives of the Peterson funded Budget Proposals 

Check out the Press Release here

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