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The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network has a series of resources available for chapters, everything you might need from starting a chapter from scratch to growing a chapter that’s been around for years.


The Roosevelt Thinks | Training series provides a comprehensive and customizable introduction to policy. The series is designed as a recruitment tool (Thinks | 2040 specifically), a way to get effective conversations started based on core values and a shared vision of the future, and as a method for focusing policy in on the community its designed to serve. 
The trainings can be used to help shape a chapter’s direction, and help introduce the skill set necessary to create change. 
Why 2040?
Roosevelt strives to problem solve in local communities in ways that make a tangible impact in people’s lives. By focusing on 2040, the Roosevelt Thinks conversations are able to transcend present day politics and focus instead on long-term problems and the corresponding root causes.
Download Roosevelt Thinks one pager here.

Would you like to hold a training? Use these resources for anything? Have a follow up question? Please contact Program Director Alan Smith: 

Alan will happily provide guidance on how to use the different documents and/or the latest hard copies you will need to conduct trainings!  

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Roosevelt provides a series of things to help engage and empower chapters and promote your ideas. 

  • Banners
    Beautiful banner for your activity fair/next event.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing, ordering, and delivery. Regional Coordinators must be contacted first in order to process banner requests. 
  • Palm Cards
    Roo-language that fits in the palm of your hand. 
  • Chapter grants
  • T-Shirt Swag
    You’ll never look as good as you do with Eleanor on your chest!
  • Journals and Publications
  • Logo
  • Letterhead
  • Campus Network one-page summary
  • Campus Network photo album


Summer Academy Fellowship

Roosevelt | Thinks

Starting a Chapter Overview
Chapter Development (whole)
Recruitment Action Plan template
Recruitment Methodologies
Sign-Up Sheet 1
Sign-Up Sheet 2
Engaging Stakeholders


On Deck

  • Partner Organizations
  • Roosevelt Thinks | Skills trainings
  • Hyde Park Nominations  


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