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Everything you need to write up an idea, in multiple formats. 

What is a Roosevelt Policy Paper?

Policy papers come in many forms. For Roosevelt, a Policy Paper presents an in-depth report of a policy issue and a comprehensive solution.
Current and exceptional policy papers will be published online under the banner of a policy center. Hard copies of policy papers will be printed and distributed as needed. Additionally, we encourage you to submit your policy papers to relevant journals being published across the country. 

What is the purpose of a Roosevelt Policy Paper?

Roosevelt Policy Papers represent our comprehensive analysis of and solutions to the policy issues facing our world today.  These papers contain refined ideas we connect to policy makers who can implement the changes we suggest. Writing a substantive paper establishes the legitimacy of your idea.

Together with Legislative Briefs, Policy Papers represent the core of our printed policy journals and serve as a first step in passing meaningful progressive policy.

Who can write a Roosevelt Policy Paper?

Roosevelters at various levels of experience are encouraged to write Policy Papers.  For more information contact Alan Smith.

But I'm a full time student, I don't have time to write a whole paper!

That's fine. Don't worry!  If you want to look into writing a white paper, or creating one from a previous class project or research paper, see an older example here.  Past Roosevelters have often developed Policy Papers from work they have already produced for their classes.
You can also write a short two-page brief (outline) of your idea for the 10 Ideas Publications for each of our policy centers.  This series is published every year and features 10 outstanding ideas from across the country by our students for each of our six national policy centers.  Our deadline for submissions is February 3rd - submission instructions will be coming soon. We recommend you contact the relevant policy strategist to get feedback on your idea and procure additional resources for your piece.  You can find their names and contact information here

Resources for Writing Policy


Constructing Your idea

Issue area summaries to get you oriented (One-pagers)

Information Gathering (Interviewing Basics)

Analyzing Your Idea (Cost Benefit Analysis Guide)

Policy Prioritiization Spreadsheet, the Bigger Picture (How Will Others See It?)

Writing Up Your Idea

For Anything You Write (three top tips)

10 Ideas - Key Points

Writing Guide - 10 Ideas Format

Applied Policy Making (Syllabus)

Crafting Your Message - Helpful Suggestions (TNSP)

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