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PeaceWork Social Responsibility Intern - NYC

 Summer Internship NYC 2012
Social Responsibility Intern

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to by May 15, 2012.

Peacework is looking for a Social Responsibility Intern to assist the Peacework Corporate Responsibility Consultant on special projects with corporate clients in the areas of Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Environment, Business & International Development, Responsible Management, Corporate Citizenship, and more. The primary goal of this project is to lead and manage Peacework's corporate-nonprofit partnerships that will contribute to international development in Peacework's partnering communities across the world in a variety of social issues.

About the Position:
The Social Responsibility Intern will help in client management, project planning and implementation, resource development, and communication and public relations with a series of corporate clients on social responsibility projects and programs. The position will be overseen by Peacework's Corporate Responsibility Consultant, who is working to identify new clients and support existing ones in engaging with international development projects in Peacework's communities around the world on issues such as resource management (like water), civic participation, financial literacy, and social entrepreneurship.

The position will also feature some work on the Bonner-Peacework partnership, namely in the design, implementation, and assessment of the Bonner Global Village Network, which is piloting in Belize, Malawi, and Ghana this year. The vision is to identify and support a series of international communities around the world in long-term, strategic, and sustainable partnerships with the Bonner Network as a whole. As a result, Bonners will be able to plug into strategic partnerships across the world through study abroad, summer internships, and short-term immersion projects like alternative spring break or winter term trips with other Bonners from across the Network. The work on this initiative will involve resource development, communications, and collaboration with the Bonner Foundation in Princeton, NJ.

Exceptional written and spoken communication skills.
Experience in international development (through international travel or study).
Professional demeanor and comfortability interacting with senior administration — this will be a position in which you will be interacting either in person or online with high-level management in some large private companies, as well as the national Bonner Foundation.
Knowledge of international development theory and practice.
Facility with Mac graphic design programs desired (or willingness to be trained to use them).
Understanding of the Bonner model and conversant of its values and approach.
Familiarity with business development, management, and CSR practices.

Logistical Details:
Work can be done remotely (from anywhere), although it would be preferred if the intern lived in closer to proximity to New York City, where the Corporate Responsibility Consultant (supervisor) will be located. Ideally, the intern would be able to travel into the city at least once a week for meetings and work sessions. In some cases, there may be meetings at the Bonner Foundation in Princeton, NJ (only an hour south of NYC by train). Related travel expenses during the internship period would be covered. The ideal internship period would be from mid-June to mid-August, but dates are flexible.

This position will also include a $1500 living stipend to offset costs for relocation, summer living, and other expenses. All related travel during the internship (i.e. transportation to and from meetings in NYC and/or Princeton) will be covered by Peacework.

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Kelly Behrend, Peacework Corporate Responsibility Consultant at

Applications will be reviewed up until May 15, 2012.