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Roosevelt | Incubator

The Incubator is the new platform to leverage the power of the Network to replicate and scale the most innovative, successful local Think Impact projects and initiatives.  

As a platform, it will engage new students in existing projects, empower them to replicate successful ideas in their communities and promote the best ideas emerging from our chapters.


The three projects below inspired us so much that we invited them to be the first Incubator Initiatives - and you can get involved to further sustainable change. 


Empower your fellow students by bringing Roosevelt to your classroom, implement solutions in your community with Yale's Community Policy Partnership model, or change the dialogue on women's issues by applying to join the Eleanor Roosevelt Policy Initiative. Descriptions and how to get in touch are below - and we look forward to highlighting and supporting your work!


Community Policy Partnership (formerly Yale Policy Assistant Program)
Developing Communities through Developing Policies
Contact: Daniel Hornung and Nathan Yohannes, Yale University &

In 2010, the Yale chapter of the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network worked closely with community stakeholders to found the Policy Assistant Program, a project that matched Yale students with current alderman in the New Haven Government. The program provided students with the opportunity to learn from and contribute to city government, while offering alders needed legislative assistance. Last year, students worked with the City Services & Environmental Policy Committee on a bill banning the municipal purchases of bottled water, an environmentally-friendly bill that saved the city $40,000.

With the success of the program, the Yale chapter wants to take their model to scale and replicate across the country, connecting more students and local governments to move communities in a positive direction. Email Daniel and Nathan if you're interested in learning more about how to bring this program to your city to create substantive change locally.

Eleanor Roosevelt Policy Initiative
Contact: Lily Roberts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Deadline: October 1, 2011

In addition to providing an opportunity to focus on policy related to issues of gender equality, the Eleanor Roosevelt Policy Initiative will seek to more actively integrate women's perspectives and concerns into the broader policy discussion of the existing Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network. Through this initiative, undergraduate women will be encouraged to continue to pursue their involvement in policy and governance, and to focus on the concerns of women in whatever career they pursue.

This October, the Eleanor Roosevelt Policy Initiative will be forming a working group to guide and implement the priorities and goals of the Initiative. If interested, apply to be a founding member here and begin to change the dialogue on women's issues.

Roosevelt In The Classroom
(syllabus name yet to be determined)
Contact: Elizabeth Allan, University of Georgia

Across the country, students involved in the Roosevelt Institute are focusing on writing policy and finding solutions to today’s problems on issues across the political agenda. To foster a better understanding of the policy process, several universities have developed Roosevelt Policy Courses in which students can gain an in depth understanding of writing policy and the professional policy atmosphere. Formalize Roosevelt's roll on your campus by creating a student run class with the steps, tools, and resources to teach policy, see that policy realized in impactful projects, and train the problem solvers of tomorrow.

This year, as a part of the Incubator project, there will be even more support for starting a policy course at your university. If you or someone in your chapter is interested, contact Elizabeth Allan at The Education Policy Team is interested in helping campuses implement a policy course and is willing to assist however they can.

Interested in submitting your idea or project as an Incubator initiative? Applications open January 2012. Questions? Contact Deputy Director Taylor Jo Isenberg at or Program Director Alan Smith at