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Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Conference

Join us on March 26, 2011 at the George Washington University! Registration for out of town guests is now closed. People living in the DC area can still register until the day of the event.

Conference at a glance
  • The Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Conference will be held at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washignton University on March 26, 2011.
  • The theme of this year's Defense and Diplomacy Conference is "Building America's Next Grand Strategy."
  • Students will have the opportunity to present their research alongside policymakers in a mutual exchange of ideas. See below for information on submiting a conference proposal.
  • Conference participants will hear from experts on a range of past and over-the-horizon security and strategic issues.
  • All programming will occur at the Elliott School of International Affairs at 1957 E St. NW Washington D.C., D.C. 20052
Register for the conference here!

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What is the Defense, Dipolmacy, and Development Conference?

For nearly two decades, the United States has lacked a continuing grand strategy, or an overarching vision of what America’s diplomatic and military efforts should seek to achieve, to guide our international relations. There is no single explanation for our failure to build a lasting grand strategic vision, but perhaps the biggest reason—and the most troubling—is that our foreign policies now seem to reflect our domestic politics: divided, polarized, and stagnant.
Recognizing the importance of engaging both youth in the discussion about America’s future grand strategy, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network has launched a series of policy initiatives tackeling some of the nation's toughest problems. The Defense, Diplomacy, and Development Conference will showcase these policy initiatives and attempt to begin a dialogue about creating a coherent, clear, and lasting grand strategy.

Confirmed VIP Guests and Agenda

Download the full conference program here!

Amb. Steven Pifer (Director Brookings Arms Control Initiative/Frm. Special Assistant to the President of the United States/National Security Council)

Dr. Larry Korb (Center for American Progress/Frm. Director of National Security Studies at Council on Foreign Relations/Frm. Undersecretary of Defense)

Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (Senior Advisor, National Security Network)

Rob Jenkins (Director Office of Transition Initiatives, USAID)

Gregory Adams (Director of the Aid Effectiveness Initiative, Oxfam)

William Davis (Director, United Nations Center Washington/Frm. Directior of Global Affairs, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Department of State)

Michael A. Levi (Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations)

Jacob Scherr (Global Strategy Program, National Resource Defense Council)

Anne Richard (Vice President, International Rescue Committee)

Kate Brandt (Special Assist. to the Secretary of the Navy)

Steven Feldstein (Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

Matt Brown (Co-Coordinator, Global Zero)

Christine Parthermore (Center for New American Security)

Col. Mark ‘Puck’ MyKleby (Office of Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)

Capt. Lawrence Vasquez (Fellow, Brookings 21st Century Defense Initiative)

Mike McNerney (Department of Defense)

Christopher Finan (Department of Defense)

Present your own Research

View the list of student presentations here!

Additional Information

Breakfast and lunch will be provided by GWU and Global Zero, respectively. Students will make their own dinner arrangements.

  • A very limited number of travel stipends are available to students flying from across the nation. Students presenting their own research will receive priority funding. Students in the New York-Washington DC corridor are not eligible to receive stipends. Travel stipends will be distributed one week after conference registration closes.
  • A limited number of sleeping arrangements will be made based on need. Please attempt to provide your own sleeping arrangements. Please email Caleb Gayle ( if you require assistance making sleeping arrangements.
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