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Green Jobs Corps


With manufacturing jobs being shipped overseas or rendered obsolete by new machines and computer technology, a forward-looking plan that promotes job creation can ignite a new “green economy.” However, a poor investment climate, risk aversion, and projected diminishing returns to investment have left the U.S. private sector unprepared to make the investments needed on its own. The need for technological innovation that promotes sustainability is clear. What is unclear, however, is the role that the Federal Government must play in stimulating job creation. Some promote a New Deal-esqe federal jobs program in which the government itself creates bureaus that are responsible for investing and creating jobs. Others promote a public-private partnership, in which the government provides grants and other financial support to private sector research, development, and job expansion. This year, the Economic Development Center will explore all these various policy ideas and try to determine the benefits and shortcomings of a completely public-sector approach over a public-private partnership.

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