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A New Deal for Students

Joelle Gamble et al
Date Published: 
Thu, 2013-03-14
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A joint collaboration between students in the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network and the United States Students Association
Young people across the country increasingly face insurmountable obstacles to their future economic success. The youth unemployment rate is 12.5%, significantly higher than that of other groups of Americans and almost double the national average. On top of bleak job prospects, young Americans who invest in higher education in pursuit of a better future are witnessing diminishing returns and growing long-term burdens in the form of student debt. To date, student debt in the United States towers over $1 trillion dollars, surpassing the cumulative amount of credit card debt.
Students from the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network (RICN) and the United States Students Association (USSA), are taking up the urgent challenge that our political leaders are failing to address. Through individual research and initiative, we have drafted a set of concrete and innovative recommendations to ameliorate the growing problem of student debt and provide relief to the heavy economic burden that limits the potential of America’s future entrepreneurs, nurses, lawyers, small business owners, and workers.
In this report, students outline our arguments for a better system of paying for higher education. Policy recommendations range from tax incentives for students committed to staying in their home states to raising the federal minimum range to supporting new graduates to teach in rural areas.
What we want is critical debate and, above all else, action by our lawmakers on this critical financial issue affecting millions of young Americans. 

A New Deal for Students by Roosevelt Campus Network

The United States Student Association
The Roosevelt Institute Campus | Network