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Roosevelt | Connects & Mentors

Join Pipeline in our collaboration with the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network!

Roosevelt | Connects and Roosevelt | Mentors are a selection of programs and opportunities for Campus Network students and Pipeline members to bridge the gap between the Campus Network and Pipeline and engage students and young professionals in thought-provoking conversations.

At each level, Roosevelt | Connects & Roosevelt | Mentors provide opportunities for students, chapters, and professionals to gain new perspectives, craft their personal narrative, develop policy interests and career goals, and establish a stronger local network of communication.

Roosevelt | Connects will establish a new form of dialogue at the chapter-level while Roosevelt | Mentors will provide Campus Network members with an opportunity to engage in a more individualized conversations with Pipeline members.  
Roosevelt | Connects

Roosevelt | Connects will engage members of the Campus Network and Pipeline in dynamic and engaging dialogue where Pipeline members can share their personal story, their knowledge and expertise, and their skills to help build the next generation of leaders. Campus Network chapters may request a member of Pipeline to speak to a chapter about their “Path in Public Policy”, give a policy briefing, or deliver a skills training.
If you are a Pipeline member interested in participating in Roosevelt | Connects please fill out this survey
Roosevelt | Mentors

Roosevelt | Mentors will allow individual Campus Network members to work closely with a member of Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline. The program is designed to provide Campus Network members with an additional resource to answer their career-path and interest-specific questions. A mentor can help their mentee develop their future goals, carve out their career path, enrich their policy knowledge base, and introduce them to new resources and individuals. Mentors will also assist and advise students with 10 Ideas pieces, Impact projects and other Campus Network activities. The mentoring program will encourage mentors and their mentees to participate in events with other members of the program, to meet regularly with one another, and to be available and open to communication. The mentorship program will last throughout one school year (unless both parties wish to continue the mentorship) from September to May with a formal kick-off event in early October.

If you are a Pipeline member interested in being a mentor to a Campus Network student or a Campus Network student looking for a Pipeline mentor, please fill out this form

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