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About Us

Roosevelt's entirely new network!

During our time as students, we felt politically engaged and empowered. Now that we have entered the professional world, it is easy to feel disconnected from the progressive movement. We are pleased to announce the creation of Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline with chapters already launching in New York, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Little Rock, Miami, St. Louis, New Orleans and Nashville!  The Pipeline seeks to recreate a sense of community and empowerment among young professionals and offer opportunities for leadership development and political advocacy -- providing them an outlet to engage substantively in change-making through their ideas and actions on both a local and national level.

Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline members participate in a broad range of activities, including national fellowships, training opportunities, social events, speaker series, media placements, and Think Impact programming.
If you’re a young professional who wants to make a difference, we welcome your input, ideas, and active participation as we build the Pipeline and create new progressive infrastructure.
Hilary Doe_4.thumbnail.jpgHilary Doe, National Director

Prior to joining the Roosevelt Institute, Hilary worked as a Senior Analyst in the Public Policy Analysis practice area of Anderson Economic Group, and held positions with the Brookings Institution and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation. Hilary has been involved with Roosevelt since 2006 when she helped to found and lead the organization’s University of Michigan chapter. She later led Roosevelt’s first regional project as Midwest Regional Coordinator, and, beginning in fall of 2008, served as a member of Roosevelt’s Student Advisory Board.   

Ms. Doe’s background is in non-profit management and public finance. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan.   Email Hilary

Andrew Burnett_4.jpgAndrew Burnett, Coordinator

A Roosevelt Institute veteran, Andrew Burnett spent two years working for the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network before joining the Roosevelt Institute full time in June 20l1. As Coordinator of Roosevelt Institute | Pipeline, Andrew handles the daily tasks of running the network, along with extensive outreach and fieldwork, chapter services and resource creation, and developing programs and platforms for Pipeline Fellows.

Andrew is a graduate of Harding University where he studied Spanish, political science, and economics. His major policy interests include child welfare, urban planning and real estate, economic development, and anything involving Latin America. He spent his college summers exploring his interests by interning for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in D.C. and developing access to credit through organizing communal microfinance banks in eastern Honduras

A resident of New York City's East Village, Andrew enjoys the excitement of his new home and appreciates how much there is to learn by living in it. For fun, Andrew likes exploring parks, perusing the travel section of the New York Times, and spending time with family and friends. Email AndrewPipeline Logo Official.jpg